Why I'm running as an independent candidate

It is an enormous privilege to be the Member of Parliament (MP) for Markham-Stouffville. My primary goal in this role has been to improve people’s lives. I’ve spent my adult life advocating for issues like: access to health care; fair treatment of vulnerable people; and better international development. In 2015 I was honoured to be given a cabinet position in the federal government. I worked with others to improve living conditions for Indigenous peoples; to bring Syrian refugees to Canada; to expand end-of-life options for Canadians; to reduce harms associated with drug use; and much more. I saw how government can be a force for good.

But I also saw dysfunction in Ottawa. I saw how time, money and energy are wasted with political games and partisan efforts to gain or retain power - rather than focusing limited resources on building a better country. I was dismayed at how little cross-party collaboration takes place. I saw the disconnect between citizens and those who govern them. I saw how MPs are restrained in their ability to speak for their constituents. Decisions about how MPs vote and what they say in public are directed in large measure by un-elected political staff.

After 3 ½ years in the government, some of these systemic flaws in how the government works led to a situation where I had to make a difficult decision based on my conscience which ultimately compelled me to resign from cabinet. I hoped to stay in the Liberal caucus, but the Prime Minister chose to expel me. I have served as an independent MP since April 2, 2019.

As with any difficult experience, one can learn lessons and realize positive outcomes. I received thousands of messages of support and encouragement from constituents and other Canadians. People still stop me in the grocery store, in restaurants and on the streets to thank me for being bold. I’m fascinated by the fact that one of the most common things people say is this: “My teenage daughter is inspired by you. You’ve shown her how to be brave, how to speak up when you see something wrong.” If nothing else comes from this whole experience, if I have helped young women to be strong and to use their voices, then it has been worthwhile.

I’ve talked with hundreds of people in the riding in the past three months and asked their advice. Almost all have urged me to stay in politics. They believe that we can do politics differently. They want a stronger democracy - one where representatives are free to speak on behalf of constituents, rather than simply repeating key messages written by un-elected staffers. They want a parliamentary system that is fair and functional - where politicians don’t waste so much precious time fighting with one another. Canadians hope we can change the culture of politics.

Our country is facing existential threats like climate change, economic inequality, racism, violence, global instability and more. Politicians need to stop wasting time on political games and start figuring out how to cooperate with one another, listen to experts and implement effective solutions to these grand challenges.

And so, I have decided to run in the federal election of October 2019 as an independent candidate. If elected, I will be accountable to the people of Markham-Stouffville. I will listen to my constituents and seek their advice. I will speak up on their behalf. I will speak the truth. I will work with other Members of Parliament, regardless of their party affiliation. I will focus on improving lives in our community and in our country.

We can solve the challenges facing Canada. But to do so, we need to work across parties, with bold intent. We can interact and share ideas about creative, evidence-based solutions. We can implement the much-more-ambitious plan that is needed to combat climate change and diversify our energy sources. We can work alongside Indigenous peoples to achieve true reconciliation. We can reform electoral processes so every vote counts and the composition of government reflects the will of the people. We can improve health care and bring about the long-awaited launch of national pharmacare. We can build a caring economy and a fair Canada, investing in social infrastructure like universal childcare.

I trust the people of Markham-Stouffville to decide wisely about who should represent them in Ottawa. I look forward to the conversations we'll have between now and the October election. Whatever the people decide, I wish nothing but the best for our community in the years ahead.

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  • Elizabeth Procter
    commented 2019-10-02 14:25:43 -0400
    I would like to donate to your campaign. I can’t find the “Donate Now” button!
  • Salus Silva
    commented 2019-10-02 08:10:24 -0400
    You ARE actually a source of inspiration, not only for teenagers but for immigrants like me that will vote in Canada first time, for you of course! That courage of you can’t be easily found, here in Canada or anywhere abroad.
  • Kara Klassen
    commented 2019-05-30 08:02:34 -0400
    I also wish you would elaborate on why you didn’t choose the greens. Everything you want to accomplish as an independent can also be done with the greens because they are not whipped. I too am left wanting.
  • Kumar Malde
    commented 2019-05-29 22:54:38 -0400
    Wishing you success
  • Sheri O 🇨🇦 🌲⏳
    commented 2019-05-28 09:07:13 -0400
    Good luck.

    I’m still not clear why you chose to run as an independent and not join another political party. I know the tough decision you made. I understand Elizabeth May offered you leadership (?), which I guess she couldn’t bequeath anyway as it is an elected position, but why did you reject the Green Party and the NDP?

    Choosing to run an an independent reinforces the duopoly stranglehold on Canadian federal politics that you experienced and criticized. (I’d heard you say in public your values don’t align with the CPC., s I understand why you didn’t join the CPC. )

    I wish you’d been more transparent and open about your decision process both to side with JWR and to reject overtures from other parties. I’m left wanting. Answer the question you posed in the title.
  • Cheryl Zatwarnitski
    commented 2019-05-27 16:53:58 -0400
    You and Jodi have inspired me to move forward and bring out the abuse of power and bullying and dictatorship style leaderships that has governed a “health and Wellness Company” I have helped build! Standing up and speaking truth and looking for action oriented solutions to running a successful business that is filled with politics and egos and money and greed is not an easy task! And like you I was released of my duties on the verge of mental health collapse when advocating for truth and common solid business practices over greed and power . We have anti bullying campaigns for our schools and children and raise a flag to rally for this! Yet our leaders in politics and business and elsewhere rule in this manner! It has to stop … we have to speak out ….you and Jodi have done that. You continue to inspire and I wish you a landslide of successes in your campaign!