Promoting voting with the Full Pull


Friday October 11 to Saturday October 19 - done!


Sunday October 20

1 pm starting at Campaign Headquarters


Election Day October 21 - shifts starting in Markham

9 am shift in Markham

11 am shift in Markham

1 pm starting in Markham

3 pm starting in Markham

5 pm starting in Markham


Election Day October 21 - shifts starting in Stouffville

9 am starting at Campaign Headquarters

11 am starting at Campaign Headquarters

1 pm starting at Campaign Headquarters

3 pm starting at Campaign Headquarters

5 pm starting at Campaign Headquarters

What are your plans for October 11 to 21? We need you in Markham-Stouffville! Book some time off work if you can. We’re working to inspire voting on a grand scale. We hope Markham-Stouffville will have the best voter turnout in years. We want every qualified voter in our riding to exercise their democratic right – no matter whom they vote for! We would like to knock on every door of every home in the riding in the 10 days leading up to the election and on e-day itself. It's called the Full Pull. Regardless of whether constituents are Jane Philpott supporters or not, our goal is to remind everyone to vote and help them get to the polls. 

This is one more way we’re doing politics differently. It’s a “Get out the vote” strategy that is not like the others. I was inspired to attempt the Full Pull after reading Dave Meslin’s book called “Teardown: Rebuilding democracy from the ground up.”

This contrasts with the strategy they teach in campaign colleges and what all the major political parties have done for decades now. The big parties spend the entire election period trying to figure out who’s for them and who’s against them. They build a big database using expensive software, usually collected on mobile apps, all with the goal of determining who is likely to vote, and who is likely to vote for them.

Then on election day (or starting with the advance polls) the parties selectively knock only on the doors of the people they believe to be supporters. They spend weeks organizing their maps and routes, so on election day volunteers will walk past all the doors of people who are likely to vote for opponents. They interact only with the citizens expected to vote for their party candidate. The theory is that you don’t want to mobilize your opponents' fans to get out on election day. Meslin describes it as the greatest voter suppression scheme in history.

So, what’s our plan? We want everyone to vote whether they vote for me or an opponent. We especially want to inspire people who don’t usually vote, to get out and exercise their democratic right. We want all citizens to be engaged in democracy. Casting a ballot is one of the most fundamental acts of democratic freedom.

We want everyone to know all the times they can vote including the advance polling days from 9 am to 9 pm on the Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday of the weekend before election day. There is an Elections Canada office in our riding at 144 Main Street North, Unit 206, in Markham where citizens can vote by special ballot now – any day, seven days a week, up until the Tuesday before election day. On election day, October 21, the polls will be open from 9:30 am to 9:30 pm. If you need information on where to vote on election day, please contact Elections Canada at 1-800-463-6868.

So, how can you help our independent campaign? I need your help to knock on doors – about 40,000 doors in 11 days. This will be our second time around the riding since our campaign began. It will be an opportunity to remind the people of Markham-Stouffville of the importance of getting out to vote.

Please join us as often as you can for any of the shifts listed below. You’ll be put in a small team that will be given a map and you’ll go out and encourage everyone in that area to vote. Democracy is too important to be taken for granted. We need to work to preserve and strengthen it. This is a perfect opportunity to get involved.

Please click the links above for any shifts you can attend. RSVP to as many as possible and then make your plans to show up at the time and place indicated for that shift. Thanks for contributing to a healthy democracy!

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