Jane's dedication to serve her community, both locally and across the country, has resulted in strong, lasting relationships. Here are a few of the endorsements Jane has earned from people who have been touched by her work. 

Jane has been a tremendous advocate for the people of Nishnawbe Aski Nation, and helped us make significant progress in health care, infrastructure and youth mental health initiatives to improve the quality of life for our people.

She has dedicated an incredible amount of her political career to investing time and energy visiting and getting to know our First Nations, learn first-hand about their challenges, and build personal relationships with our leaders. This type of dedication has helped her to make the right decisions, benefitting the member-Nations of NAN.

I can say without a doubt that there is a need for a leader like Jane in the Canadian government. I have great respect for her and appreciate her friendship and support.

Accomplishments with Nishnawbe Aski Nation:

  • Visited Fort Albany First Nation to commit to the transformation of health care in NAN and to rebuild First Nation’s inherent wellness systems, eliminate health disparities, and improve health outcomes.
  • Met with leaders in Wunnumin Lake First Nation during the 2017 suicide crisis and secured sustainable funding for the community’s suicide prevention program and the development of a new health facility.
  • Prioritized the elimination of boil water advisories in NAN First Nations including a new water treatment plant to end the 12-year boil water advisory in Slate Falls Nation.
  • Initiated collaborative strategies to address sexual violence as a shared priority between First Nations and the Government of Canada.
  • Supported First Nation youth by helping design a safe learning environment during Kashechewan First Nation’s 2018 state of emergency and school closure.
  • Advocated tirelessly for the Choose Life Initiative created to provide easy-to-access mental health supports for First Nation children and youth through Jordan’s Principle.
  • Supported the development of the historic Indigenous-led Wataynikaneyap Power that will improve health and socioeconomic outcomes for the First Nations involved.
  • Helped secure $18 million to create the Matawa Education and Care Centre, to provide a culturally appropriate residence and learning environment for First Nations students
  • Participated in the first visit by a sitting Prime Minister to a NAN First Nation (Pikangikum First Nation – January 2018).



Climate change is the challenge of our time. Jane Philpott has demonstrated she has the courage to stand up for what is right, and the commitment to bring together the best and boldest ideas from across the county.

Electing an independent MP will send a message to Ottawa that the people of Markham-Stouffville expect politicians to stop arguing and start working together to seize this issue.




I wholeheartedly support Jane Philpott’s campaign for re-election.

She is an outstanding citizen, physician, parliamentarian and human being. I have known her through her work as a family physician and as a politician, and have rarely come across someone with such genuine dedication to improving health, improving society, and focusing on the needs of those who have been most socially marginalized in our country.

She is a necessary, powerful and unique voice in Parliament and for Canada.



Not only has Jane proven herself to be a remarkable MP and Minister, she is also an outstanding friend and exceptional human being.

During her first mandate, Dr. Philpott was tasked with very difficult files as Minister in Health, Indigenous Services and the Treasury Board. She was placed in these roles with the respect of the Prime Minister and her caucus colleagues, because she is smart, caring and determined to see Canada’s world leadership persevered and Canadians live healthy and happy lives.

She is truly a national treasure, who would continue to serve her constituents and all Canadians well.

A vote for Jane is a vote for doing politics differently, a vote for progressive thinking and a vote for a stronger Canada.




I support Jane Philpott because I value principle, courage and unflinching commitment to the public good—all qualities Jane embodies to the highest degree, in a way all too rare in political life.




I have chosen to support Jane Philpott for her integrity.

I believe she will continue to stand for what is right, fair, and just, for the benefit of the people.

We need more people like her to represent us.



Markham-Stouffville, you probably know this already, but you have one extra-super-extraordinary MP!

Jane Philpott is one of those rare people who bring competence, light and caring to any job she takes on. Canada was lucky to have her as Health Minister, as Minister of Indigenous Services and now, as an Independent, working on behalf of constituents and to make democracy work better for all of us.

If Jane believes Parliament to be “the most dysfunctional place I have ever worked”, is she a sucker for punishment to seek re-election? Nope; the truth is that she’s up for big challenges, especially if success means improving the common good.

As an Independent, Jane will be better able to improve the way Parliament works. Especially in a minority or coalition government, Jane would be able to help parliament pass some politically risky but crucial changes. Looking back, we see this is how the Pearson minority government worked in the ‘60s, to bring in medicare, the Canada pension plan, a new flag and other needed changes.




As someone who works in the healthcare sector, Jane's priorities — including pharamacare and climate action — resonate strongly with me.

Her authenticity, integrity and compassion make her the ideal independent candidate for MP of Markham-Stouffville.

Like Jane, I believe in doing politics differently and believe she's the change we need.



Jane Philpott was one of the most effective cabinet ministers of this past government.

Courageously, she also stood up for integrity and truthfulness in politics.

She has taken bold steps to detoxify its partisan development.

Idealistic? With a minority government, Jane’s vision and values will have a new platform for the good of our country and our riding.

She is the real antidote to the cynicism from which so many suffer.



Working alongside Jane Philpott in hospital and in our family medicine clinic allowed me to see how her compassion and knowledge of community made her an excellent advocate for her patients, especially the disadvantaged.

As our MP she represented us well, and as a cabinet minister she served all Canadians by achieving the completion of the Canada Health Accord and by ensuring safe drinking water for many indigenous communities.

In this era of partisan politics we need to re-elect Jane Philpott as an Independent MP to express our views to Canada’s parliament with her strong, principled and highly respected voice.



I have had the privilege and pleasure of working with Dr. Jane Philpott over the last 10 years.

She has many outstanding qualities that make her an excellent candidate for federal office, the most important of which is INTEGRITY.

Jane displays integrity in all issues that she deals with or manages. Her honesty, and her strong ethical principles, are apparent in all of her dealings, and are a refreshing change in politics.

Jane raises the bar for those working with her because of this quality.

We are very lucky to have her in the Markham Stouffville riding; I strongly support her candidacy.



Four years ago, I was pleased to have the opportunity to vote for Jane Philpott as my Member of Parliament for the riding of Markham-Stouffville.

In the past 4 years in office, Jane has had significant achievements, serving our community well as a Member of Parliament and the broader Canadian public as a member of Cabinet.

I am pleased to be able to support her again as she runs for re-election as an Independent Member of Parliament and wish her success as she explores a post-partisan approach to electoral politics.



It is a pleasure to support Jane Philpott as an independent candidate for the Markham Stouffville riding. Having an Independent MP represent residents in the riding means Jane can support or not support any party regardless of colour. Politics needs to change and I believe Jane as an Independent MP can be the voice of all, working with passion, honesty and strength and loyal to the electorate. Jane is the voice of integrity and I urge everyone to return Jane to Ottawa as our MP, to be our independent voice in Ottawa.



We elected Jane Philpott because we believed her when she said she was honest, hardworking, and would give her voice to issues that we care about - climate change, health care, reconciliation, and affordable housing.

She didn't disappoint us.
I will vote for Jane again.



Jane has displayed integrity and leadership in a climate of fear and status quo political processes. Canada deserves the very best elected representation; Jane works hard and truly listens with the intent to do the right thing, not just sit idly by and wait for decisions. Jane takes action and creates solutions where solutions look impossible. Re-elect Jane Philpott, Canada deserves the Best!!!!



Throughout Jane’s entire life, her political and professional decisions clearly and consistently demonstrate integrity, knowledge and wisdom.

She’s a leader we can trust.



I admire your integrity and your unfaltering convictions...

.... and therefore I am writing to express my support for your campaign and my intention to vote for you in the upcoming election, volunteer for your campaign and to spread the word to others of the value of your policies and abilities.



I have had the good fortune of knowing, working and collaborating with Jane before her entrance into political life.

It has been such a pleasure to see the entire country benefit from her integrity, her commitment to justice and her thoughtful approach to problem solving.

I have nothing but respect and admiration for Jane's work both inside and outside the House of Commons, for both her constituents in Markham-Stouffville and for Canadians from coast-to-coast-to-coast.



How lucky are we in Markham-Stouffville to have an opportunity to do something not many Canadians will ever have a chance to: Vote for a candidate who will clearly be our representative in Ottawa, not the other way around.

We have an opportunity to send a loud message to the nation that the days of toeing the party line are over, the days of only showing up in the community once every four years during an election year are done with, and the days of pushing an agenda regardless of what your constituents tell you are ending.

For me, it’s not a political or policy driven question- it’s a character one. Jane represents all of the character values I look for in a candidate: courage, commitment, a willingness to compromise, the ability to listen and take in real feedback, someone who doesn’t walk into a room with their mind already made up, someone who’ll stand up fiercely for our community, someone who’ll stand up for what’s right, even if they stand alone, and someone who isn’t afraid to say the words “I don’t know”.... Something we see far too little of in politics these days.

Jane clearly represents the values of Markham-Stouffville, and I don’t think there’s ever been a clearer choice for a leader in the history of the riding. I’m proud to be able to cast my first ever vote in a Federal election for Jane, and I hope you’ll consider doing the same.



Jane has been a beloved colleague, neighbour and friend I call family for the past 15 years.

Over the past three and a half years as our MP. Jane didn't just deliver on what we all believed she was capable of achieving for our community and our country....she hit it out of the park!!!

Her legacy is far-reaching, and friend, she is just getting started! She is widely admired, respected and loved by all, and her leadership is a gift to our Markham-Stouffville Community!

I cannot resist the chance to share with you a few things about Jane:

  • She is courageous and tenacious and kind and loyal and reliable.
  • She is a mover and shaker: effective, industrious, open-minded and fair.
    Motivated by good, for good's sake. And always focused on the needs of others.
  • She is a visionary, a champion for the vulnerable, and she is steady: anchored firmly by her convictions and unmoved by the stormy days of challenge and difficulty. She is always optimistic, never cynical.
  • She is a politician but not political.
    She is neither impressed nor intimidated by power and status.
  • She is by far the most intelligent woman I know, yet without an ounce of pretense or ego.
  • She is the one you want on your team, in your corner, leading the crusade.
  • Her work ethic is incomparable, and in everything she does, she is an inspiration to us all.

It is my tremendous privilege to endorse the one and only, the good doctor, Jane Philpott.



I am truly hopeful that the people of Markham-Stouffville will seize this important opportunity to lead the rest of Canada towards a better way of doing politics – i.e. more cooperation and less partisanship in government– by electing Jane Philpott as an independent MP.

Jane has a track record for getting things done, most notably as a star cabinet minister in the health and indigenous services portfolios. Jane is immersed in the Markham-Stouffville community, which she has worked tirelessly to serve over the past four years. I am deeply grateful for the courage Jane showed in abiding by her principles when she stepped down from cabinet and stood up for prosecutorial independence and truthful governance.

We need more independent voices in Parliament, MPs who are beholden only to the interest of their constituencies, and who are willing to work across party lines to effectively address the major challenges of our time.

Jane’s success in this election may inspire others to run as independent candidates in the future, and would be a major step towards restoring democracy in Canada.



As Minister of Health, Dr. Jane Philpott impressed me as a woman of integrity who brought her intelligence, background, and principles to public service.

As a former B.C. Member of the Legislature and Cabinet Member, I also respect her insistence on thinking for herself and standing up for what she felt was right.

We need more independent thinkers and noncareer politicians in Parliament. That’s why I’m supporting her for re-election.



Jane's history as a doctor and contributor to community wellbeing is well known by all who have met her and benefited from her wise counsel and dedicated work.

Jane shows a physician's respect for the facts - building a practice that sought the right diagnosis and the effective treatments for her many patients, my friends and neighbors.

A natural leader, Jane helped to build the Family Medicine department at Markham Stouffville Hospital as that hospital grew from a field to becoming a leading health provider for a population of over 250,000 people.

Independent minded, Jane began her career by taking her talents and energy to West Africa bringing care and healing where there was little or no help or hope.

We need people who have proven that they can bring our political representatives together across party lines to accomplish difficult tasks that Canadians need to have done. Jane has shown this capacity as a Cabinet Minister in bringing the Assisted Dying legislation through to implementation, in finding a way to bring the provincial governments to agreements on health funding, in bringing clean drinking water to First Nation communities who have suffered non potable water for generations.

We need vigilance in defending the institutions our parents and grandparents have gifted to us...the institutional systems that successive administrations created to provide the foundation for the wonderful fulfilling lives we and our children lead today.

Jane is that vigilant person.



I have know Jane for more than 15 yrs both in personal and professional capacities.

She is a kind, humble, compassionate person who also has a remarkable vision and unwavering determination of how she can make her community, our country and indeed our world a better place.

I have witnessed her exceptional work in medicine as a physician on a community and international basis and in her more recent role her remarkable accomplishments that have bettered the lives of her community and Canadians. Her team building and working with individuals, communities and groups to focus efforts and get jobs done has been remarkable and admirable.

She is a game changer, a team builder, a brilliant visionary and an incredibly hard worker .. a rare jewel who is showing us how things can and should be done.



I have known Jane for nearly 10 years as a physician colleague, physician leader, mentor, as my MP and my friend.

I am aware of all that she has accomplished in her life and it is incredible. I witnessed her first hand mobilize our hospital to support ‘Give a Day to World AIDS’, and was impressed how she built and developed a family medicine training program at our hospital.

I am fortunate to live in her riding and she is my MP. I trust her implicitly. As a cabinet minister I was astounded to see her move forward the medically assisted death legislation, the legalization of cannabis, and the assistance to Syrian refugees.

The amount that she was able to accomplish with Indignenous services was incredible but only scratches the surface of their needs.

I am proud that she has kept her principles of honest and integrity and I am astounded by her courage to enter the fall as an independent candidate.

Her voice in the government is strong, focused and fair.

I’m with Jane. You should be too.



As someone who never helped campaigns, Jane SHATTERED my cynicism on what’s possible in politics. Why help now?

Because: calling out problems you see (especially when they’re on your side) takes bravery-- never mind when doing it involves a big loss in salary & prestige.

Yet, Jane did this anyway.

Her principles are stronger than any I’ve seen.



Ever since I met Jane, I have been thoroughly impressed by her energy, her compassion for others, and her commitment to making good things happen.

She is exactly the kind of person we need in Parliament to represent us. I want Jane back in Ottawa!




It is easy to be a cynic about politics and politicians. Until recently, I was completely cynical about politics and politicians. Until recently, most politicians have sounded the same to me. I think that they all went to the same school to speak "politician talk". They all present the same veneer of duty and accomplishment, but most appear to be truly disconnected with truth, reality, good management, or good intent. It is my cynical view that the only measuring stick for most is to procure votes through crafted sound-bites. And I think that we all find it difficult to tolerate the ridiculous partisan squabbling.

This is so frustrating because politicians are supposed to be our representatives and leaders. They are supposed to be the smartest. They are supposed to care. They are supposed to work with other representatives to reach proper policy objectives. They are supposed to listen to us. They are supposed to work to the benefit of their constituents. In the case of our federal politicians, they are supposed to be acting in the best interest of our country.

Luckily for us, in our own backyard of Markham-Stouffville, we have a jewel. Dr. Jane Philpott ticks off all of the positive boxes of representation and leadership. She is exactly what voters should be hoping for in terms of their representation. She is smart. She is remarkably accomplished in her pre-political days and these prior activities have provided her with a perspective that truly helps with her role in the House of Commons. She achieved many important objectives while acting as Minister of Health, and in Indigenous Services. She is a committed worker for those she represents.

Then of course Jane did something completely counter-intuitive to everything that I would expect from the usual politician, particularly from a universally respected highly successful upwardly mobile cabinet minister. To her personal detriment, Jane resigned from cabinet as part of her rejection of the manner in which the SNC prosecution was being manipulated. This was a demonstration of her principled commitment to respect the rule of law.

This was an inspirational action that deserves our commendation and respect and awe, and is a remarkable example of bravery for us and our children to learn from.

In my estimation, Jane is not like other politicians. Jane is the genuine article. She is not merely another talking head. She does not sound like a politician. Simply put, Jane wants to do positive things for our community and for Canada. Jane is exactly the type of person we want and need as our representative and as a leader on the national stage.

My family and I are very proud to be among Jane's supporters.



I admire Dr. Jane Philpott's strong principled leadership. She has a track record of serving people who have relied on her for effective, caring support.

Dr. Jane Philpott had impressed me as a deeply caring colleague who gets things done.

She is at her best when she is dependently supporting people who turn to her for leadership.



I’m with Jane all the way to voting day on October 21st and beyond. Jane Philpott is the voice our community deserves. I have had the opportunity to work with her both during her medical career and as a member of parliament.

I have watched her advocate passionately for the people of our community when they needed her to. I have watched her make difficult decisions to stand up for what she believes in, regardless of the consequences.

I have watched her commitment to public service; she uses what she has been given in her life and puts it 100% back to serve others.

Jane will be the independent voice for Markham-Stouffville who will be collaborative, cooperative, and courageous. I am excited as I watch her colour outside the party lines, and I believe her when she says that ‘together we can change the world for the better’.



When it really matters, too many elected officials succumb to party pressure at the expense of their better judgment. I'm supporting Jane because when it really mattered, she spoke truth to power and defended the fundamental principles that make us a democracy.

We need her integrity and independent-mindedness in Parliament to hold the next government to account.



Voting for integrity and independent voice in parliament this October 2019. We are so fortunate to have the highly respected Hon. Jane Philpott for our MP in Markham-Stouffville.

Jane has a proven herself to be wholly dedicated to the well being of our nation and community. I am confident as a re-elected independent that she has the insight and ability to make waves of positive change in the way we do politics. With freedom to dialogue across party lines and a reputation that precedes her, she has the power to pool collective wisdom and bring about resolutions to issues that really matter to Canadians.

It is a trailblazing opportunity for all of us - for Jane, our Markham-Stouffville community and nation. Looking forward to a new era in politics with the re-election of Jane Philpott as our independent voice in Ottawa!



Jane is known in Ottawa as the person who gets "stuff" done. I want to see Jane back in Ottawa getting stuff done, across party lines.

Important stuff, like action on the climate crisis, which will require collaboration by all parties, not partisan attempts to score political points.

We need Jane’s skill and perseverance to make this happen for the benefit of all Canadians.



Some are concerned that Jane as Independent will be a lone voice in Parliament.

Let’s not forget WINSTON CHURCHILL was ONE LONE VOICE for some 10 years.

Yet that voice of integrity rallied the nation to greatness in time of need.